Commissions are now open for 2019. You can reserve a spot on my calendar by e-mailing me at No downpayment is required at that time. When it’s time for me to start your portrait, I will contact you and ask for a 50% deposit, payable through PayPal. The remaining 50% will be due upon completion of your portrait prior to shipping. Please continue reading below for pricing and further details.

Price List

Military/Law Enforcement Discount

Portraits of K9s and horses currently in active service for the military or law enforcement will receive a 10% discount. This discount will also be applied to portraits of K9s or horses lost in the line of duty.


I currently only ship to the USA and Canada. Shipping up to 5 lbs. is $20. If you’re located outside of the USA or Canada, please contact me as I sometimes agree to ship to other countries on a case-by-case basis, and will have to calculate shipping based on location.


The best portraits start with the best photographs. In order to create an excellent likeness of your pet or animal, I require a clear, good quality photo. The higher the resolution, the better. I believe the true spirit of your pet can be seen in her eyes, and I strive to capture that unique spark of life. Therefore, your pet’s eyes should be nice and clear, preferably with some reflection or “shine” in them. You can submit a few different photos if you like, and we can work together to choose the best one for your portrait.


All backgrounds will be left blank (the color of the board/paper). Typically, I’ll suggest a few color options that best compliment your portrait and allow you to choose among them. 


I require each client to sign a simple contract to protect us both. It details the specifications of your portrait, price, agreed-upon completion date, cancelation policy, and copyright information.

Progress & Privacy

Some clients love to watch as a portrait comes to life through progress pictures on Instagram; others prefer to receive their progress photos privately through e-mail. The choice is always yours. Gifts will never be revealed at any stage of the process until they are given to the recipient. Clients’ names or other identifying information, including the name of their pet(s), will never be shared without permission.


For any other questions, please feel free to e-mail me at

I look forward to working with you!