KCMAwebsiteIf you look up “Late Bloomer” in the dictionary, you’ll probably find my picture. Although I come from an artistic family, I took a 23-year detour into medical records before finally embracing my first and most authentic calling–art and design. After being self-taught for most of my life, I’m now classically trained with a BFA in Illustration from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, where I graduated summa cum laude.

My inspiration comes mostly from nature. I’m especially inspired by the seasons, wildlife, and the heartfelt connections which give our lives richness and meaning. I work traditionally in watercolor, colored pencil, and sometimes ink, and then polish the final art digitally to create a finished product that combines the hand-painted quality of traditional art with the design versatility of a digital image–the best of both worlds!

I love art licensing because it makes art accessible to everyone. A pretty mug for our morning coffee (or in my case, tea!), a garden flag fluttering on the breeze, a beautiful set of dinnerware on our table–no matter what our station in life, we all deserve to be surrounded by beautiful things that make us happy!

My portfolio is developing selectively but steadily, so please check back regularly for updates!

Thanks again for stopping by!

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Honors and Awards
RMCAD Gerald Ehrhart Memorial Scholarship 2015
RMCAD Honors List (2013-2015)
RMCAD Accolade – College Community and Culture (May 2015)
RMCAD Accolade – Academic Excellence (June 2015, September 2015)
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

RMCAD Rotunda Gallery Student Exhibition 2015


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